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poweredbypie believes in nurturing our business relationships. Our partners are more than just a ‘means to an end’ – they are part of our business family and we take that relationship seriously.

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Our Ethos

Our core ethos at poweredbypie is to “add value.” This is the cornerstone of everything that we do.

Our Belief

poweredbypie believes in nurturing our business relationships. We are proud that our clients like working with us so much.

Our Goal

Be the number one supplier of technology to the property market.

Our Story

Our core ethos at poweredbypie is to “add value.” This is the cornerstone of everything that we do.

poweredbypie is a privately-owned-and-run company of 60 plus great employees and we are growing rapidly – testament to our team’s values and the value we provide to our clients – and yours.

While much of our business income is still derived from conveyancing property searches, poweredbypie has diversified its revenue stream by building and delivering bespoke technology across the industry. Our IT systems process over 3 million individual transactions each year. We process 8,000 Searchpacks every month and nearly half a million searches a year. poweredbypie’s clients are as diverse as solicitors, estate agents, DEAs, surveyors, panel managers, regulated search agents, and search resellers. The breadth of our support for the market makes us unique.

poweredbypie believes in nurturing our business relationships. Our partners are more than just a ‘means to an end’ – they are part of our business family and we take that relationship seriously. We are proud that our clients like working with us so much.

"We are delighted with poweredbypie. we have used several search providers over the years and we need to be able to get fast efficient results, with an ease of use website and quality searches at a competitive fee as well as first class customer service. We are very pleased with their service levels - they are always at the end of the phone."

Chris Thomson. Mckeag & Co.

"poweredbypie consistently provides the goods: advice, understanding, support, great attitude and a superb customer service. We continue to be very happy with poweredbypie as a search supplier and continue our long and fruitful partnership we would recommend them to anyone."

Vernon Usher. RAW Clark.

Key People

Carole Marsden - Chief Commercial Officer

Carole has extensive experience in the legal, financial and property data marketplace. She is a passionate and highly motivational leader with expertise across sales, marketing, operations, customer service and product development. She has an excellent track record of initialising and driving change and has achieved outstanding business growth throughout her career.

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Roy Hastings - Chief Financial Officer

Roy is a commercially-focussed CFO and corporate finance professional. Roy is an ICAEW qualified Chartered Accountant with 25 years of experience in senior positions in a range of sectors and company sizes; from start-up businesses to FTSE 100 PLCs. Roy’s careers history includes CFO roles in fast growing business as well as significant corporate finance transaction experience as both a principal and as an adviser (with a ‘big 4’ accountancy firm).

Roy’s key strengths include the ability to develop / assemble high performing teams, to bring a rational and commercial viewpoint as well as ability and willingness be ‘hands on’ as required.

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Carole Ankers - Chief Product & Technology Officer

Carole is an experienced board level manager with principal accountabilities in product development and delivery. Passionate about the customer experience with a proven track record in developing solutions and leading teams to deliver real value to end users as soon as possible. She strives to work with, and to build teams that foster a culture of collaboration, challenge, innovation and a strong desire to 'get the job done'.

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Martin Smith - Chairman

Martin joined the Board as Chairman in September 2018 and works with a number of private equity backed businesses in the technology, legal, and business support services sectors. He is also Chairman of Nationwide Hire and AuditComply and Patron of the military charity Team Endeavour.

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Paul Clarke – Commercial Director

Paul has managed the Commercial and Finance teams at poweredbypie since joining the company in 2009. Paul has created strong financial controls and developed systems and accountancy processes that provide a robust financial grounding for the company. Before that he worked at The Live Organisation for 3 years, Operations Manager for Live Overseas then Credit Control Manager for Live Organisation. (9 years in the property industry). Paul’s organisation and management when the property market crashed and then HIPs disappeared were instrumental in enabling poweredbypie’s business to remain solvent when other firms – including established ones – floundered.

Paul is happily married and lives in Basingstoke with his 2 children.

The Commercial and Finance teams at poweredbypie keep us on the straight and narrow - operating soundly, ethically and compliantly.

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Andy Watson – Commercial Supplier Manager

Andy Watson has had a long and varied career working with conveyancing and land and property professionals. A qualified Land Surveyor, Andy spent almost 20 years with Ordnance Survey. Ultimately, he ran their Commercial Partnerships and digital data resale business, working to get innovative businesses like Groundsure established. Following 12 years as Head of Sales at Landmark Information Group and divisional Managing Director of Jordans Ltd, he joined poweredbypie in 2013 to help drive the success of Brighter Law Solutions through strategic relationships and broad channel development.

Andy is a reader and eclectic music lover as well as a notorious ‘tinkerer’ when it come to vehicles of all kinds. Winter brings the call of the ski slopes and the rest of the year he loves adventure travel and family time.

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David Brown – Founder and Non-executive Director

David started in the property sector in 1997. While Legal Services Director at The Live Organisation, David was increasingly disillusioned and frustrated by how poorly conveyancers were being treated as a profession within the industry. He firmly believed that there should be a conveyancer at the heart of every community – someone with extensive local knowledge. Conveyancing had become a commodity. As a champion of the underdog and local communities, David didn’t want to see conveyancing disappear from the High Street.

In 2006, he founded poweredbypie to deliver an outstanding property search service. He also began to develop tools and resources to champion conveyancers in their local marketplaces.

David lives in Marlow and is a firm believer in charitable giving. He built an eco-friendly house for his family and has built homes for underprivileged families in Guatemala.

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Alix Brown – Non-executive Director

Alix’s degree was in Mathematics and she later qualified as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG London. She went on to be a Business Manager at British Airways and then the Financial Director at The Live Organisation where she met David Brown and in 2006 she left to help found poweredbypie.

In addition, Alix has had three children during her accounting career. She loves ballet and still goes to lessons every week. She’s a governor at a local grammar school and helps out in their Development Office.

Alix lives in Marlow with her family and their 3 year old Springer Spaniel.

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